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Todd Kotlarek

Group Director
2100 W Florist Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53209
Phone: 414.228.7701 ext. 577
Fax: 203.228.1134

Northeast Office:

Greg Lynn

Northeast Regional Director
Phone: 203.359.4221
Fax: 203.359.4449

Midwest/Western Office:

Scott Holverson

Midwest/Western Regional Director
Phone: 928.554.4100
Fax: 928.554.4101

Southeast Office:

Brian Terry

South Regional Director
Phone: 414.228.7701 ext. 529
Fax: 203.228.1134

Sales Regions


E-Products Production

Alexis Kiefer

Senior Client Services Specialist

Phone: 414.228.7701 ext. 561

Print Products Production

Wendy Melnick

Production Manager
Phone: 414.228.7701 ext. 465

All Products Production

Amanda Balistreri

Director of Client Services
Phone: 414.228.7701 ext. 469

E-Products Production

Laura Schaub

Advertising Client Services Specialist
Phone: 414.228.7701 ext. 544


List Rental

Kimberly Reed

List Rental Manager
Phone: 414.228.7701 ext. 441
Fax: 414.228.1134


Contact Editorial Staff

Edward Sullivan

Chief Editor
Building Operating Management

Greg Zimmerman

Executive Editor
Building Operating Management

Naomi Millán

Senior Editor
Building Operating Management

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