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Website Advertising averages more than 15,000 unique visitors per month and 38,000 page views per month. Maximize your visibility and increase brand awareness among its influential audience of architects/designers, operations managers, building owners and facility managers.



Leaderboard & Image Ads

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Leaderboard and Image Ad Sample

Run of Site Advertising

Healthcare Facilities Today Run of Site Advertising targets Healthcare Facilities professionals while they are on a trusted website that relates to their profession and to the products being sold. It is the combination of those things that makes having an ad on the Healthcare Facilities Today website a critical place for brands who want to generate sales in this marketplace.


Ultra Ad

Ads appear site-wide. Make a bold ad statement with our ultra ad option. A great way to get your message across with stand-out visibility to our site users.

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Splash or Floorboard (Interstitial) Ad

Make a big impression with one of these take over ads. The Healthcare Facilities Today Splash and Floorboard ad opportunities are high-visibility way for you to promote your brand. Your ad will repeatedly welcome visitors to the site and leave a lasting impression.

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Splash Ad Sample


Logo Pop Over Ad

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Get noticed when your ad pops up over the site logo a few seconds after a user visits the page.

This special position is like no other ad on the site. The logo pop over ad is visible for seven seconds.

Logo Pop Over Sample


Mobile-Targeted Ads

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Want to go mobile?

Now you can with the HealthcareFacilitiesToday Mobile Site Ads!

Take advantage now and gain exposure to on-the-go Healthcare FMs monthly. As an advertiser on HealthcareFacilitiesToday mobile, your ad will be displayed on every visit to HealthcareFacilitiesToday from a mobile device — use your ad to build brand awareness and increase web traffic with no competitive ads in sight!

As the web moves towards mobile-friendly websites, position yourself on the cutting edge of technology with HealthcareFacilitiesToday mobile. Whether visitors come from search or email, direct or referral, your ad will be front and center for the duration of these high-value visits. You will receive reports detailing interaction with your ad in terms of monthly impressions and clicks.

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FM Cross-Web Marketing (MaxPack)

Own the Web with FM Cross-Web Marketing (MaxPack) on

Make 400,000 or 600,000 impressions guaranteed within 30 days of posting!

Want to get your ad in front of facility managers?
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