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Your coveted sales prospects subscribe to Building Operating Management. BOM circulates to a 100% qualified list of 73,000 executive building ownership and facilities management decision makers. Our subscribers are engaged, motivated and manage multi-million dollar budgets. They are the movers and shakers in the industry. When you advertise with BOM, you influence these type of high-ranking, influential readers.

Building Owners,


Presidents, Partners, CEO's, CFO's, CIO's, COO's,

Construction/ Engineering Management,

Exec. Vice Presidents and other Corporate Officers,

VP/Directors of:

Facilities & Buildings, Real Estate; Property and Asset Managers; Building and Facilities Managers;

VP/Directors of Energy Services

Directors of Sustainability

Superintendents of Schools/School Districts

Meet the Buyers

Precision marketing is all about knowing your audience. Get to know your future customers…

With Building Operating Management, your marketing will reach and influence 73,000 buyers including:

  Senior VP of Operations, Hines

  Director of North American Facilities, Amazon

  Vice President Facilities, Madison Square Garden

  Director of Facilities Management, ABC TV Network

  Director of Engineering, Villanova University

  VP of Facilities Management, Target Corporation

  Global Director, Dupont

  Vice President of Facilities, Purdue University

  Director of Facilities Management, General Service Administration

  Executive Director, Bank of Nova Scotia

  Chief Facilities Engineer, Department of Air Force

  Senior Vice President of Real Estate, Jo Ann Fabric Stores Inc.

  Director of Facilities, Cornell University

  Senior Director of Facilities, California State University

  Director of Property Operations, Hilton Hotels

  Vice President of Real Estate, Sony Corporation

  Director of Facility Planning & Operations, Smithsonian Institute

  Vice President Global Real Estate, Time Warner Inc.

  Director of Facilities, Pfizer

  Director of Facilities, Goodwill Industries

Years of experience in facility management

More than 30 years 23%
26 to 30 years 17%
21 to 25 years 14%
16-20 years 13%
11 to 15 years 14%
6 to 10 years 9%
5 years or less 10%

Age Group

Under 35 years old 4%
35 to 44 years old 10%
45 to 54 years old 29%
55 to 64 years old 46%
65 years or older 11%

Average age is 54.8 years




*Results of 2016 Publisher Data

Product Selection Involvement

Product Categories

Access Control 78%
Access Flooring 72%
Acoustics/Sound Control 70%
ADA Products 82%
Alternative Power (Solar, fuel cells) 55%
BIM 41%
Boilers, Boiler Controls 69%
Building Automation Systems 81%
Building Sealants, Coatings/Waterproofing Products 80%
Carpeting 79%
Ceilings 83%
Cleaning Chemicals 67%
Communications Equipment 56%
Continuing Education/Training 67%
Contract Cleaning Services 61%
Contract Services (HVAC, Elevators, Pest Control) 88%
Curtain Walls / Window Walls 70%
Daylighting 68%
Door Hardware (Including locks, hinges & closers) 88%
Doors/Entrances 86%
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 41%
Electrical Equipment/Systems 79%
Electricity/Natural Gas (from utilities) 68%
Elevator Systems and Controls 63%
Energy Management Systems 81%
Energy Services/Consulting 70%
Equipment Rentals 73%
Exterior Building Products 82%
Facility Management Software 67%
Fire and Life Safety Products 84%
Fire Detection & Sprinkler Systems 85%
Floor Coatings 80%
Furnishings 65%
Furniture Systems/Interior 67%
HVAC Systems and Controls 89%
Indoor Air Quality Products 74%
Infared Equipment 48%
Insulation 70%
Landscaping/Outdoor Products 76%
LED Lights 88%
Lighting Controls 89%
Lighting Products (Including ballasts, fixtures, EXCLUDING controls) 89%
Mass Notification 42%
Metal Walls & Roofing 73%
Meters/Data Loggers 55%
Office Refurbishing 73%
Paints/Coatings 83%
Parking Management 64%
Piping 74%
Plumbing Products (Including Valves and Faucets) 82%
Power Reliability 69%
Power Supply 72%
Resilient/Hard Surface/Rubber Flooring 78%
Restroom (including hand dryers, toilets, urinals, partitions) 83%
Roof Coatings 68%
Roof Guards 62%
Roofing Systems 71%
Safety Products 84%
Security Products 73%
Shredders 39%
Signage Systems 79%
Snow Removal 60%
Standby/Emergency Power 77%
Storage Systems 68%
Structural Building Products 71%
Submeters 43%
Telecommunications/Communications 39%
VRFs 38%
Wall Coverings 78%
Wall Panels 70%
Water Coolers/Ice Machines 79%
Water Heaters 73%
Water Treatment 68%
Window Film 71%
Window Shading/Solar Control 76%
Windows 74%
Wire and Cable 65%
Wireless Technology 38%

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