Reducing Costs and Achieving Value with VRF Systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) zoning systems solve many challenges associated with commercial construction and facility management. This easy-to-read whitepaper explains the value VRFs can offer facilities and includes real life case study examples.

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Touchpoints Include:

  • VRF technology and benefits
  • Cost avoidance with VRF systems
  • Maximizing space: smaller plenums
  • Minimizing mechanical rooms
  • Spending less on structural support
  • Deferring costs until leases are signed
  • Case study 1: Comparison: how per-square-foot costs for a conventional VAV system can be higher than those for a VRF system Energy allocation and efficiency
  • Case study 2: Sustainability and competitive advantages Cost savings through decarbonization

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Information Courtesy of Mitsubishi