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Advertising to Facility Maintenance and Engineering Management Professionals

Print Advertising

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Facility Maintenance Decisions print opportunities drive the response and results you need to build lasting relationships between facility maintenance and engineering professionals and your brand. These executives rely heavily on print to obtain information.

Print magazines are the

#1 way

recently surveyed FMD subscribers expect to learn about products and brands for purchase in the next year:


say they will use print magazines


say they will use conferences & trade shows


say they will use social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

After reading articles and/or ads of interest in Facility Maintenance Decisions magazine, do you refer to the manufacturer's website?

Publisher's data, 2016


Institutional Facilities Projects

Renovations & Retrofits

Energy Strategies

Supplier Perspectives

Technical Applications

Landscape Specification


Bonus Distribution

Value Added


Ad Close: 12/5/17
Material Due: 12/11/17



Lighting Controls

Water Heaters

• Air Filtration
• Door Hardware


Building Internet of Things

AHR Expo

VIP 300 Database, FMD Tech Center, Ad Readership Study


Ad Close: 1/5/18
Material Due: 1/11/18

Health Care

Plumbing & Restrooms

Utility Incentives


• Emergency/ Portable Heating
• Drain Cleaning

Utility Vehicles

Facility Technology Trends

NFMT Baltimore

VIP 300 Database: Healthcare


Ad Close: 3/6/18
Material Due: 3/12/18

Commercial Office


UPS & Generators


• Diagnostic Technology
• Variable Refrigerant Flow

Handheld Power Equipment



VIP 300 Database, FMD Tech Center, Ad Readership Study


Ad Close: 4/5/18
Material Due: 4/11/18

Products & Technology Issue:
HVAC, Fire & Life Safety, Plumbing, Lighting, Roofing, Paints & Coatings, and Landscapes



Ad Close: 5/7/18
Material Due: 5/11/18

Higher Education


Diagnostic Technology

Portable Cooling

• Roof Coatings
• Inventory Management

Utility Vehicles

Emergency Preparation


VIP 300 Database: Education


Ad Close: 7/5/18
Material Due: 7/11/18

Plumbing & Restrooms



Paints & Coatings

• Electrical Equipment

Snow and Ice Management

Sustainable Specification


VIP 300 Database, FMD Tech Center, Ad Readership Study


Ad Close: 8/7/18
Material Due: 8/13/18


Plumbing & Restrooms


• Drain Cleaning
• Safety

• Rental Equipment
• Fire & Life Safety


Financial Management

World Workplace


Ad Close: 9/5/18
Material Due: 9/11/18


Safety & Security / Door Hardware

Data Centers

Roof Coatings

• Personal Protection Equipment
• Power Tools

Hardscape Management

Procurement & Inventory


VIP 300 Database: Education, FMD Tech Center, Ad Readership Study


Ad Close: 10/5/18
Material Due: 10/11/18




Grounds Equipment

• Roofing
• Door Hardware

Utility Vehicles

Renovation Management


VIP 300 Database: Government

• Roundtable — management strategies for personnel, technology, and department activities
• Technical Applications – In-depth discussion of facility technology advance



32,500 Monthly Subscribers

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Reach top decision makers in all markets — Facility Maintenance Decisions magazine provides the most comprehensive coverage of building owners and facility executives who control the nation's largest commercial and institutional properties; cumulatively they own/manage 4.2 million existing buildings.


Number of subscribers: 4,614
All Fortune 1000 corporations | Top 100 commercial property management firms | Top 25 developers | 10 largest US life insurance companies | Top 300 US commercial banks | Members of BOMA, IFMA, and CoreNet Global


Number of subscribers: 10,302
Federal, State, County, Municipal, Airport and Military


Number of subscribers: 10,758
Top 130 general medical and surgical hospitals | Top 15 nursing home systems | Top 30 health care systems | Members of ASHE


Number of subscribers: 1,867
All Fortune 1000 industrials | Offices/headquarters of manufacturing firms and utilities


Number of subscribers: 3,322
Federal, State, County, Municipal, Airport and Military


Number of subscribers: 627
Top 100 retailers | 10 largest US shopping malls


Number of subscribers: 1,060
25 largest hotel companies | 25 largest US restaurant chains


Print Ad Specs

Preferred File Types

• PDF/X-1a:2001 or TIFF (TIF) for: 4-color process (CMYK) ads.

• EPS or DCS2 (Photoshop eps) for: 2-color (3 process colors) ads.

• EPS or TIFF (TIF) for: Grayscale or B/W (Process Black) ads.

(Note: We are unable to process Microsoft Publisher files)

Because your best presentation is important to us, we have written this 10 STEP GUIDE to help you obtain maximum quality prior to us submitting your ad to the printer.

1. All fonts must be embedded, converted to outline or rasterized.

2. Photos and artwork should be at least 300 dpi. Lineart (ie: logos) should be 1200 dpi bitmap or a Vector image. We cannot submit any photos or artwork, to the printer, with less than 266 dpi.

3. All color must be set up in either spot color or CMYK (process color). All RGB colors will be converted and will not appear in print as it did on-screen.

4. All black type must be black only, not Rich Black or Registration.

5. All color photos must be converted to CMYK with a total ink limit of 300%.
Click here for the quickest way to alter ink density levels.

6. All black and white photos must be converted to grayscale with a 20-25% dot gain.

7. Documents should be set up to the correct final ad size.

8. Any bleeds need to be set at 0.125" on all sides – no printer's marks or slugs.

9. Transparencies must be flattened. Layer/effects, Flattener Presets must be set to "high resolution."

10. It is recommended to use the Adobe PDF preset: PDF/X-1a:2001 when creating your PDF file. This setting is an industry standard for printing (please deselect all printer mark defaults and, if applicable, include the bleed here).

Color Typography

For optimum reproduction and clear and sharp copy, use sans serif fonts such as Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, Myriad or similar for small type. Reverse type reproduces best with large bold sans serif fonts. The same is true for color type. Thin serif fonts are difficult to read in color or reverse type. It is recommended that four color type and/or small four color reverse knock-outs be avoided. Black type that uses four color blends should never be used (Registration not allowed).

Mechanical Requirements

Publication Trim Size: 7.875 x 10.75
Live Area: 7 x 10

Bleed Page 8.125 11
Page 7 10
2/3 Page 4.5 10
1⁄2 Island 4.5 7.5
1⁄2 Page Vertical 3.375 10
1⁄2 Page Horizontal 7 4.875
1⁄3 Page Square 4.5 4.875
1⁄3 Page Vertical 2.125 10
1⁄3 Page Horizontal 7 3.125
1⁄4 Page Vertical 3.375 4.875
1⁄4 Page Horizontal 7 2.375
1⁄6 Page Vertical 2.125 4.875
1⁄6 Page Horizontal 7 1.5

Bleed Page:

Bleed: 8.125 x 11 Trim: 7.875 x 10.75
NOTE: Pertinent matter on bleed advertisement must be kept at least .5 inch from any image edge. Bleed trim is .125 inch.

2-Page Spread Bleed:

Bleed: 16 x 11 Trim: 15.75 x 10.75
Live matter must be kept 0.5 inch away from untrimmed edge and 0.25 inch away from each side of the gutter.

Preferred Material: Electronic Submission
Trim variance: 1/8 inch
Line Screen: 133
Output Resolution: 2540
Max Ink Density: 300%
4-color rotation (wet): black, cyan, magenta, yellow
Printing: Web-offset
Binding: All issues Saddle-Stitched

Mechanical Requirements for Inserts

Contact production manager for insert specifications (size, stock, binding, shipping).
Sample of insert must be submitted for mechanical clearance and pricing.

File Naming

Please consider these suggestions when naming your file. 1) Advertiser name, publication and issue. 2) Refrain from using special characters. Indicate revised submissions by including "v2" or "r1" etc., at end of file name.

Sending Your Ad

Upload files to (please include a pdf soft proof when uploading ads).

Or mail CD or DVD to:
Production Manager
Facility Maintenance Decisions
2100 W. Florist Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53209

For Questions:

Amanda Balistreri
Director of Client Services
414.228.7701 x469


Black & white lasers are acceptable for grayscale ads.

​Trade Press Media Group, Inc. pre-flights all files to the best of our ability. If we spot potential problems we will attempt to correct them. Due to the complexities of files and varied design techniques, we cannot be responsible for catching all trapping issues, typos or postscript errors.

Issuance and Closing Date
Mailing Date: 5th of month of issue.
Closing Date: 5th of preceding month.
Cancellation Date: No cancellation after 5th of preceding month.

General Policies

Publisher's Copy Protective Clause: Advertiser and advertising agency assume liability for all content of advertisements printed, and also assume responsibility for any claims arising therefrom made against the publisher. Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising. Publisher is not responsible for errors in key numbers or index of advertisers.

Short Rates and Rebates: Advertisers will be short rated if within the 12-month period they do not use the number of insertions upon which their billings have been based. Advertisers will be rebated if within the 12-month period they have used sufficient insertions to earn a lower frequency rate appearing on this card.

Rate Protection Clause: A minimum of 90 days notice will be given preceding any rate increase. On effective date of new rates, earned frequency on space run to date will apply to new rates. Contracts in force at time of rate announcement will be honored.

Publisher reserves right to hold advertiser and/or its advertising agency jointly and severally liable for such monies as are due and payable to the publisher.


Value Added Choices


Every month that you advertise, you'll be included in the E-Response Advertiser Directory sent via email to print subscribers who have opted in to email communication. The emailed directory categorizes advertisers under product/service headings and allows recipients to view a graphic of print advertisement, link directly to the advertiser Web site and request further information direct from suppliers. You'll receive click-through totals for those who go to your website. For those who request further information, you'll receive detailed contact information including name, title, organization and street address.

Advertisers with FMD can add their company page to the Product Research section of FacilitiesNet. Your page and product information pages can include company profile information, product descriptions, product features and links to your social media account and downloadable brochures. You can create and administer your account right here.

All Facility Maintenance Decisions advertisers appear in the monthly online virtual magazine — emailed to 60,000+ email subscribers who do not get the print magazine.

You'll receive a single report that shows cumulative totals for all print and electronic items. Your report will show you total leads for print ads, product/literature releases, case studies and bonus leads.

In Print

FREE 4-color product releases and case studies are excellent business builders. Available in print on an "as space permits" basis. Send press releases for consideration to

Sales Leads

Run a 1/2 page ad or larger and get a FREE database with the names, addresses, phone and fax numbers of 300 subscribers controlling more than 1 million square feet each. The following vertical market VIP 300 databases are available for specific issues noted in the editorial calendar.

Healthcare VIP 300 Database

Educational VIP 300 Database

Government VIP 300 Database

Data centers VIP 300 Database

VIP 300 Database

Run one page or more in a calendar year and qualify for discounted rates on circulation list rentals.
Call Kimberly Reed at 414.228.7701 x441

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