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Facilities Management Industry

Marketing Services

Lead Generation


Pipeline Lead-Generator Program

Pipeline lead-generator provides phone-interviewed, pre-qualified facility manager buyers willing to be contacted by industry-leading vendors regarding their needs for upcoming renovation, replacement, retrofit and modernization projects.

Our highly-qualified telecom team calls facility manager subscribers of industry-leading magazines, Building Operating Management and Facility Maintenance Decisions, users of the market-leading website, FacilitiesNet and attendees to the nation's #1 facility-industry conference/exhibition, NFMT.

Asking targeted questions you've created, the telecom team ferrets out hot prospects for your sales team to follow up with. These potential buyers give their permission to have your sales team contact them.

Content Development


Case Study

Journalists who know the facilities management market will write a 500 to 1,000 word customer case study or product application note based on email and/or telephone interviews with the customer you provide. You can supply photos, charts or other artwork, or stock photography and other graphic elements can be provided. You receive a PDF laid out in your template or in a template we provide.


Custom Whitepaper

Journalists who know the facilities management industry will write and edit a 2,000 to 3,000 word thought-leader report based on interviews with independent industry experts and/or your internal sources. You can include your customer examples or case studies as available.

A second option is to base the content of your whitepaper on original research conducted by Building Operating Management magazine on a topic of your choosing. This powerful research serves as the foundation of your whitepaper.

Regardless of which options you choose, once completed, your white paper is distributed by Building Operating Management via email to our proprietary database of 100,000 facilities executives.

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Custom Webcast

Building Operating Management's video production team works with you to create an exclusive educational webcast that resonates with facilities executives. The webcast content and slides can be developed from supplied material or based on telephone interviews. We will broadcast the webcast for you and deliver an audience of facilities professionals by promoting the webcast to the facilities management industry. Alternatively, we can record your webcast as a video which you could use online.

If you are interested in something customized, but want a more comprehensive webcast option, our Customized Sole Webcast product may fit the bill.

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Original Research

Researchers familiar with the facilities management market will work with you to conduct market research using the FM industry's most comprehensive database. A member of Building Operating Management's expert editorial team will provide project management and consulting services to help define the scope of the project and deliver results. You will receive a written report with charts. Original research can be made part of other content deliverables, such as whitepapers or webcasts.


E-newsletter / Native Advertising Content

Journalists who know the facilities management market will write a 500 to 1,000 word technical, how-to or other article based on email and/or telephone interviews with the customer you provide. Our writers will ask about your goals and information objectives and help you craft a message that meets those goals. You can provide photos, charts or other artwork, or stock photography and other graphic elements can be utilized.

Data Services


List Rental

Reach executive-level professionals responsible for managing and maintaining more than 5M non-residential buildings and spend nearly $450B in renovation, modernization, and new construction with the subscriber databases of Building Operating Management magazine and Facility Maintenance Decisions magazine.

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Gated Forms & Landing Pages


Gated Forms & Landing Pages

Need a landing page or gated form for your digital campaign? We can help.

Gated Forms
An easy way for you to gather the user information you're looking for from your eNewseltter, email or website ad program.

We can develop a gated landing page for you to help you gather user emails or other information you would like to collect.

To maximize usage, we suggest keeping the number of fields to a minimum.

Users will be more likely to use your form if they perceive a high level of value exchange for their information. Make sure you communicate the value of what they will get when the complete and submit the form.

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Customized Landing Page
Landing pages are a standard in digital marketing to help focus and accomplish the marketing goals for a digital campaign.

We can put together a landing page for you that focuses on your brand and drives home your message to the audience. We can work with you to develop something memorable and relevant to your ads.

* For a landing page with a more complex scope we can give your a custom project price.

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