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Marketing to the Facilities Management Industry

Position Your Brand as an Indispensable Resource:

Sponsor Webcasts.

Does the market know your company is an expert at solving their challenges? These live, highly-educational events are a proven way to differentiate yourself to this key audience. Webcast presentations are usually hosted by an industry thought-leader and moderated by one of our editors. Webcasts are interactive as participants can ask questions and sometimes participate in surveys. Following the main presentation, there is often a live question and answer period. This is a lead-generating marketing solution that includes email addresses.

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1. FastCast

A Bite-Sized Webcast Delivering Immediate Exposure to Busy Executive Facility Managers

This webcast-light, is low-cost, highly customized event is the perfect entry level webcast sponsorship. As a sponsor, you get:

  Sole-sponsored, custom content—you choose your topic. We'll assist in copy review, slide generation and provide experience and expertise to assure a successful event.

  You select speaker/presenter

  Presentation is a 30 minute, fast-paced broadcast, prompting facility managers to continue dialogue after the event.

  Averages 100-300 leads (content dependent)

  Exclusive branding on promo emails during the two weeks prior the webcast

  Promote to your prospect list (optional)

  Your logo appears on screen throughout the presentation

  You get the exclusive database of registrants and attendees—email address, name, title, company, city/state, phone

  View a sample Fastcast

* Live events are limited to 1,000 attendees at the same time.


2. Industry Education Webcast: Multi-Sponsor

Up to four companies share sponsorship of this event.

Benefits — Before the Webcast

  Your logo links to your website in the attendance-building email campaign to facility professionals

  Your logo links to your website on the webcast's home page.

   Get market data by asking one single-answer multiple-choice question on the registration page (with up to 5 possible responses).

Benefit — During Webcast

  Your logo appears on screen throughout the webcast

Benefits — After the Webcast

  You receive database of registrants and attendees (Email address, Name, Title, Company, City/State, Phone ).

  You get 12 months of bonus exposure as the webcast is archived on

  Receive contact information of facility decision makers who viewed the archived Webcast on

  View a sample Multi-Sponsor Webcast

* Live events are limited to 1,000 attendees at the same time.


3. Customized Sole Webcast

Exclusive sponsorship opportunity for your brand alone.

Receive all of the benefits of a multi-sponsor (noted above), plus:

  You select the presenter and moderator

  You control the content

  Place up to 4 questions on our event registration page

  Ask up to 4 polling questions during the live event

  You get up to a 30 second ad to run at the beginning of the presentation

  Enjoy exclusive branding on promo or attendance building emails sent out during a two-week period

  View a sample Sole-Sponsor Webcast

* Live events are limited to 1,000 attendees at the same time.

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