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Website Advertising

FacilitiesNet gets more visitors and more views than any other site in the facilities and buildings industry. On, your ad is seen by more influential FMs than anywhere else. FMs come to the site when researching, specifying or planning upcoming projects. The traffic that generates allows you to target ads to the purchasing executives and senior-level leadership you want to reach, no matter what area of the site they're visiting.


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Run of Site Advertising

Our Run-of-Site (ROS) advertising is intrinsically targeted to the buyers you want to reach. Take it to the next level and place your ad contextually and hyper-target your campaign — your ad appears on content directly related to your product or service. FMs researching specific technologies are highly engaged and likely to be primed to purchase your product in the near future. Advertise in one of's contextually targeted areas and watch your ROI skyrocket.

Contextually Targeted Advertising

Our Contextual Advertising on FacilitiesNet allows advertisers to target their ads not only to facilities professionals but also directly to the pages on the site that relate to a specific topic the user is currently engaged with. This double targeting allows advertisers to reach a specific audience and at the same time make an impression on the user at the exact moment they are engaging with content which relates to the advertiser's message. Getting in front of users at the moment of engagement within a relevant and trusted context is incredibly valuable. Contextual Targeting Opportunities

Advertising options include leaderboard and image ads.

Leaderboard Ad - 728x90

Image Ad - 300x250

Mobile Ad - 320x50

To select a specific ad position talk to your sales representative.

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Dynamic, Lead-Gen Web Ad

Get better conversion rates with your content marketing assets. We create an ad for you with form fields right inside the ad. We've seen increased conversion rates when comparing to the traditional landing page approach. Some programs have had a 100% higher conversion rate when comparing to their landing page with form.

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Splash or Floorboard (Interstitial) Ad

Take over ads make a big impression on our site, and isn’t advertising all about making impressions? Your ad repeatedly welcomes visitors to the site, leaving a lasting impact. Splash and Floorboard ad opportunities are high-visibility ways for you to promote your brand.

Splash Ad

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FacilitiesNet Video Ad

Is there anything video can't do? Video ads drive results. Bring more prospects to your website, create awareness and increase sales by having your existing video featured on FacilitiesNet.

Video Ad Features:

  Can be placed in any of the FacilitiesNet image ad areas

  Tracking includes the number of ad impressions, the clicks for those starting video and the number of clicks for those going to your Website

  You determine the text for the link below the video

Sample Video Ad


Mobile-Targeted Ads

Want to go mobile?

Now you can with the FacilitiesNet Mobile Site Ads!

Take advantage now and gain exposure to on-the-go FMs monthly. As an advertiser on FacilitiesNet Mobile, your ad will be displayed on every visit to FacilitiesNet from a mobile device – use your ad to build brand awareness and increase web traffic with no competitive ads in sight!

As the web moves towards mobile-friendly websites, position yourself on the cutting edge of technology with FacilitiesNet Mobile. Whether visitors come from search or email, direct or referral, your ad will be front and center for the duration of these high-value visits. You will receive reports detailing interaction with your ad in terms of monthly impressions and clicks.


Lead Gen eBooks

An easy way for you to align yourself with high-quality content and identify targeted leads with email address.

Our pre-written eBooks educate on the issues and solutions FMs are currently researching. By sponsoring an eBook you can identify the FMs currently researching products like your's and begin nurturing them with your lead development process.

eBooks also align your company as a thought leader and solution provider without all time and expense of generating your own customized, high quality piece that speaks to this audience. We've had great success with lead generation on eBooks. Our audience wants and needs this relevant information.

We promote eBooks throughout our website and our eNewsletters for a month's time; this ensures your brand is seen by thousands of potential customers in the facilities management industry.

All eBook programs include:
A lead generating web ad on FacilitiesNet 60,000 impressions;
An Insider e-Newsletter ad campaign going to our 125,000 subscribers 4 times in the month;
We develop and host a customized, gated landing page for the eBook which includes your logo;
A lead report which includes email addresses for those who fill out online form to download the book;
Your logo on the eBook cover;
Optional: the eBook back page can be a full page ad for your company with a link to visit your website;

eBooks only have one sponsor and these leads are invaluable — make sure you don't miss out.

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FM Retargeting

FacilitiesNet is the best place to get in front of key facilities professionals, and we can help extend your message by targeting FMs all across the web. Reach the people you want to do business with. Target top prospects that you know you need to reach, but otherwise can't get in front of. Drive more FMs directly into your purchasing funnel.

2 Options to Choose From

Standard FM Targeting
Our standard retargeting campaign puts you in front of facilities decision makers, helping you build mind share, create awareness and generate leads.

Standard FM Targeting + Behavioral Targeting
Our double-targeted behavioral campaign targets facility professionals, and takes it one step further by identifying prospects who are actively researching and reading topics relevant to your products and services. You reach facilities decision makers when they are in a buying mind-set - at the exact moment that they are engaged with content that relates to your product.

Additional Targeting Option:
FM Geographic targeting

Ad impressions. Ad clicks.

You provide your campaign budget and campaign duration. Our experienced digital media managers and analysts will custom configure your campaign and make recommendations with your targeting needs in mind.

Minimum monthly order amount of $500


Branded Features

Branded features appear in the news feed along trusted and topical content from FacilitiesNet. You have a message and you need it in front of this audience of decision makers.

Branded Features are searchable, appear on the home page and topic landing pages and may contain multiple images, video treatments and are promoted via:

  Appears on the Home Page for 1 month. Rotates in that position with all the branded features running during that time period. Traffic for a month ranges from 5,000 - 10,000 depending on the month. To view a sample, click here.

  Appears on the corresponding Category Page such as Flooring for 1 month. Rotates in that position with all the branded features running during that time period. Traffic number for that landing page will depend on the category. Ranges from 1,000 a month to over 15,000 a month depending on the category. To view a sample, click here.

  Appears on the BOM and FMD e Newsletters for 1 day, which totals 125,000 circulation total for both e Newsletters with an open rate of about 10%. To view a sample, click here.

  Archived on for 1 year on the Branded Feature Landing page. To view a sample, click here.

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