Grab Your Share of the $45.7 Billion Health Care Construction Market

Healthcare Facilities Today is the go-to resource for facilities and construction executives responsible for the largest healthcare facilities in the United States and Canada. With Health Care Facilities Today, you effectively showcase your products and services to a engaged audience of facility managers, engineers, architects, designers, and constructors responsible for building and managing hospitals, medical offices, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.

Who Visits Healthcare Facilities Today?

High-level Facility Executives:

Director Of Planning And Development
St Joseph's Health Centre
Toronto, ON

VP of Facilities Operations
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Memphis, TN

Facility & Operations Mgr
Kaiser Permanente
San Diego, CA

VP of Facilities
Tucson Medical Center
Tucson, AZ

Facility Managers:

Director Facilities
Good Samaritan Hospital
Downers Grove, IL

Chief Operating Officer
Newton Medical Center
Newton, NH

Facility Manager
Columbia Memorial Hospital
Catskill, NY

Facility Manager
Children's Hospital
Hopkins, MN

Univ Maryland Med Ctr
Baltimore, MD

Engineering & Maintenance Managers:

Director Facilities Maintenance
Johns Hopkins Hospital
Baltimore, MD

Chief Engineer
Lillibridge Health Trust
Bridgeton, MO

Operating Engineer
Integris Cancer Institute
Oklahoma City, OK

Maint Dir Facil Mgmt
Shriners Hospitals For Chi
Chicago, IL

Director Of Maintenance
San Francisco VA Medical
San Francisco, Ca

Construction Managers:

Sr Construction Manager
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN

Director of Construction
Piedmont Mountainside Hospital
Jasper, GA

Environmental Managers:

Director of Environmental Services
Seattle Childrens Hosp
Seattle, WA

Director of Environmental Services
Temple University Hospital
Philadelphia, PA

Safety & Environmental Director
St Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center
New York, NY

Director Of Environmental Svs
Saint Francis Hospital Memphis
Memphis, TN

Interior Designers:

Dir Of Fac Planning & Design
Childrens Mercy Hospital
Kansas City, MO

Director Design And Construction
Indiana Univ Health
Indianapolis, IN

Interior Designer
JFK Health
Edison, NJ

Senior Interior Designer
OSF Healthcare
Peoria, IL


Staff Architect
University Hospitals Health System
Beachwood, OH

Senior Architect
NYS Department of Health
Albany, NY

Project Manager Architect
Rhode Island Hospital
Providence, RI

Staff Architect
The Queens Medical Center
Honolulu, HI

Senior Architect
NYS Department Of Health
Albany, NY

Average years of experience is 16
Years of experience
More than 30 years 15%
26 to 30 years 12%
21 to 25 years 12%
16 to 20 years 15%
11 to 15 years 16%
5 to 10 years 17%
5 years or less 13%
Average age is 56 years.
Age Group
Under 35 years old 5%
35 to 44 years old 17%
45 to 54 years old 24%
55 to 64 years old 45%
65 years or older 9%
Male 77%
Female 23%

Digital Sponsorship Packages

By becoming a sponsorship partner, you get the most efficient and cost effective visibility to this audience, plus we make available perks not available for ala carte programs. Upfront billing in 3 month increments.

HFT Facilities Network ROS
HFT eNewsletter
Industry Contributor 25,000 25,000 5
Industry Leader 77,000 60,000 18



Reporting will include overall program engagement, including send numbers, impressions and clicks.

We can create a gated landing page for your program if you would like us to capture leads for you. Our standard gated landing page provides email address and customer name.

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Website Advertising

Advertise to Healthcare Facilities Management Executives averages more than 38,000 unique visitors per month and 50,000 page views per month. Increase brand awareness among its influential audience of architects/designers, operations managers, building owners and facility managers.

Every month our editorial team writes about the latest trends affecting healthcare facility managers. Some of our upcoming coverage in Quarter 3 and 4 includes:

  • Equipment Rental
  • Sustainability
  • Access Control
  • Water Heaters
  • ADA
  • Preparing for Winter Weather
  • Paints and Coatings
  • Infection Control
  • Lighting
  • UV Disinfecting

Each month HFT runs an Infection Control column written by industry influencer Darrel Hicks

Run of Site Ads

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Intro Ad

Make a splash with this oversized ad that appears above the website which users can't miss when they first land on a page.

If you want to inform and educate facilities-management professionals, this is a prime spot to give them a more in-depth message.

Runs on Healthcare Facilities Today website.

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note: plays of your YouTube embedded video can be seen from within your YouTube account.

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New Starting in 2022

Wallpaper Ad

A high-impact ad unit that sticks around. The wallpaper ad appears on both sides of the website, wrapping the content even when a user scrolls down.

Runs on Healthcare Facilities Today website.

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Interstitial Ad

This high-impact ad will make a lasting impression! Healthcare Facilities Today's Interstitial ad is a high- visibility way to promote your products and brand to facility execs. Your ad shows up "between" the pages the first time a user clicks from one page to another. It appears on the screen all by itself and stays open until the user decides to click it closed.

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Healthcare Facilities Today Retargeting

3 Options to Choose From:

1) Standard Retargeting

The standard retargeting campaign puts you in front of facilities decision makers, creating awareness and generating leads.

2) High-Impact Retargeting

Make sure that you get noticed. Our new High-Impact retargeting ad program helps you accomplish greater visibility. Your ads retargeting our Healthcare Facilities Today audience are substantially larger and attract more interest and attention. Ad sizes are 300x600 half page, 580x400 netboard and 930x180 top banner.

3) Behavioral Retargeting

Want to retarget to a specific section of We can do that. With our retargeting program, you can retarget to specific users frequenting the pages of most interest to you and your products.

Our double-targeted behavioral campaign targets facility professionals, and takes it one step further by identifying prospects who are actively researching and reading topics relevant to your products and services.


You provide your campaign budget and campaign duration. Our experienced digital media managers and analysts will custom configure your campaign and make recommendations with your targeting needs in mind.


Ad impressions. Ad clicks.

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FM Social Media Marketing Solution

View Social Media Ad Sample

We can make your social media efforts easier and more productive. Since we can identify our targeted print and digital readers/users on the platform, we will get your brand message in front of decision makers you are unable to reach.

The standard targeting on these platforms is tailored for local and consumer products; it's not meant for reaching B2B audiences. Most targeting is overly generic keywords and categories which end up reaching kids or hobbyists and doesn't get to the audience you need. We help you reach top facilities management executives that you are unable to target yourself.


Campaign impressions and clicks

Campaign Tiers:

Campaign budget 1:
25,000 - 30,000 impressions

Campaign budget 2:
40,000 - 50,000 impressions

Campaign budget 3:
60,000 - 75,000 impressions

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Lead Generating Ad

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Get better conversion rates when we create an ad for you with form fields inside the ad. Some programs have had a 100% higher conversion rate when comparing to their landing page with form.

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Facility Pulse

A daily e-newsletter (Monday - Friday) that provides a quick read and links to articles and items of interest for healthcare facilities executives and construction management professionals.

Sold in daily increments.

Program Send Total:



You will receive a report with email opens and clicks.

Bonus Reporting

Your report will include the names, titles, companies and street addresses where we have them for recipients who click on your ad.

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Sole-Sponsored Custom Email

Best Facility Professional Email Database

We have identified facility professionals with the most square footage, the biggest budgets and decision making power. Between active requests from our user base and our circulation department's active list management to keep quality high we have done the work to help ensure you're reaching the right and most engaged audience.

Customize Your Blast Size To Meet Your Goal:

Choose a circulation size to meet your needs in 1,000 increments. To maintain list integrity, maximum blast size we allow is 25,000. Larger audience sizes will need to be divided into multiple blasts.

Customers will review, proof and sign off on all HTML created by the Trade Press design services team. Once clients sign off on the creative, anything deemed as an "error" in the creative itself is a responsibility of the client and are not eligible for discount or make good from Trade Press Media Group.

If the client cancels the project after the designer has begun work, we are entitled to a "kill fee" of $500.

*For small blasts we have a minimum blast charge of $1,700 to account for setup, operations, audience generation, list maintenance and various other costs.

Custom Email

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White Paper Email

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Video on Demand Email

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Case Studies Email

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Enhance Your Targeting:

You can further refine your target audience for an additional charge. Additional targeting options include:

  • Business
  • Job Title/Function
  • Building Type/Size
  • eNewsletter subscribers
  • Webinar attendees
  • Geographic

You will receive a report with email opens and clicks. Learn More »

Bonus Reporting:

Your report will include the names, titles, companies and street addresses where we have them for recipients who click on your content links.

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Your event, your presentation, your exclusive leads.

For your exclusive webcast event we develop your marketing creative, we run the promotion on digital channels and we produce the event making educating this audience as turn key as possible.

That makes getting your message in front of this audience as easy for you as possible.

Every webcast gets a test run to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Marketing plans include dedicated emails, event reminder emails, visibility on our popular daily eNewsletter.

You can also get the video of your webcast for post-event visibility.

Your webcast registration report includes name, job title, company & email.

Solution Expert Fastcast - 30-minute presentation

Standard webcast marketing plan. Leads generally range from 40-100

Thought Leader Webcast - 60-minute presentation
  • 2 registration questions to better understand the leads from this event.
  • Larger webcast marketing plan. Leads generally range from 70-200
  • Attendees Can Earn Continuing Education Units for the Webcast

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Basic Webcast Sample:
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Healthcare Facilities Today Summits are educational conferences with a four-hour program of curated content on the designated theme. The program is a mix of formal educational presentation sessions and networking opportunities. Each Summit provides around 4-5 educational sessions (including content from sponsors) directly related to the overall topic of the Summit. Panelist and audience members will be using video to participate.

Sponsor Benefits (Limit to 4 Sponsors)

  • Opportunity to provide one 15-minute presentation.
  • Logo displayed on all marketing and event materials.
  • Logo placement on follow-up email with the ability to include a PDF handout
  • Receive attendee lead information including name, postal list, email and phone
  • Logo displayed on all marketing and event materials.
  • Logo placement on follow-up email with the ability to include a PDF handout
  • Receive attendee lead information including name, postal list, email and phone
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Branded Features

Branded features appear in the news feed along trusted and topical content from HealthcareFacilitiesToday. Branded Features are searchable, appear on the home, news and branded features landing pages and may contain multiple images, video treatments and are promoted via:

  • Appears on the HealthcareFacilitiesToday Home Page for 1 month. Rotates in that position with all the branded features running during that time period. To view a sample, click here
  • Appears on HealthcareFacilitiesToday Trending News Landing Page for 1 month. Rotates in that position with all the branded features running during that time period. To view a sample, click here
  • Appears on the HealthcareFacilitiesToday eNewsletter for 3 days to a 25,000 circulation per blast. To view a sample, click here
  • Archived on HealthcareFacilitiesToday for 1 year on the Branded Feature Landing page. click here
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Pipeline Qualified Leads Program

This program provides you pre-qualified facility executives willing to be contacted regarding their needs for products and services. They've already told us they need help operating their buildings, seeking products like yours.

Our experienced telecom team calls subscribers of Building Operating Management and Facility Maintenance Decisions, asking targeted questions that you've provided. The telecom team uncovers the hottest prospects that are interested in learning about your products or services. We turn these leads over to you. These potential buyers give us their permission to have your sales team contact them.

No risk! You only pay when we fulfill the contract and deliver your leads. Rate/lead is dependent upon your lead criteria. Minimum number of leads delivered is 30. Approximately six weeks from beginning of program to deliver leads to you.

Print Supplements

Reach a total print circulation of 21,000's print supplements extend your reach to the qualified circulation files of Building Operating Management and Facility Maintenance Decisions' executive building ownership, facilities management and maintenance/engineering decision makers in the healthcare sector.

Upcoming Editorial

April/May Issue

  • Security
  • Restrooms
  • Flooring
  • Water Quality

September Issue (Ad close date August 1)

  • Workplace Violence
  • Infection Control
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Lighting

Contact your sales rep to reserve your ad space

Print Specs

Preferred File Types

  • PDF/X-1a:2001 or TIFF (TIF) for: 4-color process (CMYK) ads.
  • EPS or DCS2 (Photoshop eps) for: 2-color (3 process colors) ads.
  • EPS or TIFF (TIF) for: Grayscale or B/W (Process Black) ads.

(Note: We are unable to process Microsoft Publisher files)

10 STEP GUIDE to obtaining a maximum quality print ad

  1. All fonts must be embedded, converted to outline or rasterized.
  2. Photos and artwork should be at least 300 dpi. Lineart (ie: logos) should be 1200 dpi bitmap or a Vector image. We cannot submit any photos or artwork, to the printer, with less than 266 dpi.
  3. All color must be set up in either spot color or CMYK (process color). All RGB colors will be converted and will not appear in print as it did on-screen.
  4. All black type must be black only, not Rich Black or Registration.
  5. All color photos must be converted to CMYK with a total ink limit of 300%. Click here to see how to insure proper ink density levels.
  6. All black and white photos must be converted to grayscale with a 20-25% dot gain.
  7. Documents should be set up to the correct final ad size.
  8. Any bleeds need to be set at 0.125" on all sides - no printer's marks or slugs.
  9. Transparencies must be flattened. Layer/effects, Flattener Presets must be set to "high resolution."
  10. It is recommended to use the Adobe PDF preset: PDF/X-1a:2001 when creating your PDF file. This setting is an industry standard for printing (please deselect all printer mark defaults and, if applicable, include the bleed here).

Color Typography

For optimum reproduction and clear and sharp copy, use sans serif fonts such as Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, Myriad or similar for small type. Reverse type reproduces best with large bold sans serif fonts. The same is true for color type. Thin serif fonts are difficult to read in color or reverse type. It is recommended that four color type and/or small four color reverse knock-outs be avoided. Black type that uses four color blends should never be used (Registration not allowed).

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Mechanical Specs

  • Publication Trim Size: 7.875 x 10.75
  • Live Area: 7 x 10
Ad Type Width Depth
Bleed Page 8.125" 11"
Page 7" 10"
2/3 Page 4.5" 10"
1/2 Island 4.5" 7.5"
1/2 Vertical 3.375" 10"
1/2 Horizontal 7" 4.875"
1/3 Square 4.5" 4.875"
1/3 Vertical 2.125" 10"
1/3 Horizontal 7" 3.125"
1/4 Vertical 3.375" 4.875"
1/4 Horizontal 7" 2.375"
1/6 Vertical 2.125" 4.875"
1/6 Horizontal 7" 1.5"

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