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FM Custom Research: Voice of Customer

11/29/2016 BY Tim Rowe

Our team of survey writers, designers and analysts can conduct and deliver valuable, voice of customer (VOC) research that meets your quantitative or qualitative goals. We can help you interpret the data and results in the context of your business or marketing strategy and use the information in multiple marketing or sales approaches to maximize your research investment. Our research client list includes industry leaders like Georgia Pacific, Siemens, Trane, DuPont, and Cargill.

The Benefits of Using Our Voice of Customer Research Services
• Uncover new business opportunities
• Confirm the market need for your new product or service
• Recognize market trends before competitors
• Make superior business decisions based on facts and data
• Refine your product launch strategy

Custom Research Report Sample (Click to View)

Get Timely Answers to Your Business Questions
Gain the insight and information you need for smart planning and tactical decision-making. Call or email us for a free one hour consultation to discuss your research needs and how we can help you. Contact Tim Rowe at 414-368-6860 or email tim.rowe@tradepress.com.

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