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TNT(Targeting & Timing) Make Contextual Advertising Marketing Dynamite

6/5/2017 BY Tim Rowe

Contextual advertising makes sense for marketers looking to generate business from the facilities market. Contextual advertising, in essence, involves delivering your ad to your best prospects at the most opportune time. Sounds simple, right!?  It is, but too many marketers get bogged down in a swamp of data and analytics, and never put the full power of contextual advertising to work.

Let’s break it down.

To borrow a core tenant from journalism 101, we’ll start with Who, What and When.  (Where, Why and How are irrelevant to this discussion on contextual advertising.  Sorry J-School grads.)

WHO – You want to reach facilities professionals.  Preferably ones that make purchasing decisions.  That’s your target.

WHEN – The best time to reach facilities professionals is when they are in a buying mind-set.  This is usually when they are researching products or reading content that is related to the FM project they are embarking upon.

WHAT – This is where you come in…your FM products or services.  

Our end game is to reach facilities decision makers, and have them see your ad, at the exact moment that they are engaged with content that relates to your product.  

Contextual Advertising in Action

An LED manufacturer wants to introduce a T8 to facilities directors.  They are especially interested in reaching the educational market (Both K-12 and Higher Ed).   Using contextual advertising on the FM Industry website FacilitiesNet an ad promoting their newest T8 Lamp appears within the article  4 Benefits of LED Lighting Beyond Energy Efficiency  http://www.facilitiesnet.com/lighting/article/4-Benefits-of-LED-Lighting-Beyond-Energy-Efficiency--17024.  On a Tuesday this past April, the Director of Facility Services at Ohio State University happens to be reading that article during his lunch break.  He plans to update the lighting in 11 of OSU’s dorms during the summer months.   So he’s doing some research and reading online to get up to speed on Tubular LEDs for interiors.

Getting in front of facilities executives like him at the exact moment of engagement within relevant and trusted content has incredible impact. Even a crappy ad will generate some leads if it’s delivered to facility managers when they are engaged online with related content.  

Contextual ads are worth investigating.  If you want to learn more, email, InMail or call me.  



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