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5 Steps to an FM Retargeting Campaign

12/18/2017 BY Tim Rowe

In my July blog I talked about the value of retargeting FMs. As an early Christmas present, I thought I’d give you a simple, 5 step process to an FM retargeting campaign.

Retargeting is the process where you target FMs who’ve visited your company’s site, using ads on other websites they visit like ESPN, CNN, Weather Channel, etc. It’s an effective way to convert website visitors into customers.

Step 1: Segment your Audiences

Not everyone who visits your website are interested in the same things. For example, the chief engineer at Ohio State may be interested in the mechanical specifications of your product while the vp of facilities at Mercy Medical Center may be interested in the lifetime cost. You shouldn’t treat both these prospects the same.

A better approach is to segment them, put them into separate buckets. Most tools that facilitate retargeting allow you to segment your site visitors by URL. So, you can put all the visitors to your specs pages into one group and those who visit your ROI pages into a second group.

Step 2: Use Different Ads to Target Different Segments

Once you’ve grouped your visitors into useful segments based on site pages they’ve viewed you can talk to them in specific ways. The chief engineer might be swayed by facts and figures on install time and compatibility with other building systems. Make sure to include these things in your ads.

The VP of facilities on the other hand would be better served with testimonials from other facilities executives on the payback they accrued by installing your product.

Step 3: Test Incentives

If fiscally possible, I recommend running small scale tests to see if you can covert visitors into buyers. Try a percentage off discount, an introductory offer (i.e. onsite training) extended warranties and other ideas to see if one is more successful at generating sales.

Step 4: Test Time of Day for Your Campaigns

Most retargeting platforms allow you to choose daily start and end times for your campaigns. It’s natural to assume that running campaigns during the work day is the way to go. However, test early morning or late-night campaigns. Even weekends. You might find that the best time for you is actually before or after work hours. Think about when you visit general info websites like ESPN, CNN, Weather Channel…often, it’s probably not during your work day. Your goal is to adjust the schedule of your campaign to prioritize the time of day that converts the best. Retargeting software can test the conversion rates and provide you with the sweet spots.

Step 5: Retarget Visitors Who’ve Already Bought

Retargeting is not just effective in the pre-sale process. There is tremendous value in re-targeting for post-sale engagement. Two reasons for this. An FM may need to purchase additional products and services from you. Or they may join another organization and need to start the buying process all over again at their new facility.

So, there you have it, 5 steps to running an effective retargeting campaign. It’s time to get started. If you need any help Email, InMail or call me.



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