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Marketing Takeaways from our Healthcare Facilities Renovation/Construction Plans Survey

1/24/2019 BY Tim Rowe

Healthcare Facilities Today.Com just released the results of its Renovation/Construction Plans Survey. The study queried healthcare facilities professionals who are planning a renovation project in the next 3 years. The results are interesting and bode well for industry suppliers.

Two-thirds (55%) of the respondents reported that they are planning a renovation project in the next three years. Let's look at the five product categories that fare best in the renovations. These are the ones that will see the most sales activity in the next three years.

Furniture and flooring are the big winners. 90% of the planned renovations will replace furniture and flooring in the hospitals, medical clinics and nursing homes.

If you are a manufacturer or supplier of energy products or services, you can look forward to an uptick in sales between now and 2021. That's because 78% of healthcare facility renovation projects involve upgrades in energy efficiency.

HVAC is close behind energy efficiency as these systems will be replaced in many facilities. 72% of the healthcare facilities managers said that they will upgrade their HVAC systems as part of their facility renovations.

Infection control is always a major concern in medical facilities. 71% of the facilities renovation projects will address this area over the next three years.

We expect sales of acoustical solutions and sound masking products to increase in the healthcare facilities market where 70% of FMs reported that the projects will involve noise control concerns.

Healthcare Facilities Undergoing Renovations

Healthcare facilities of all types and in all states are planning renovation projects. As the population ages, they expect top-notch faculties to address their health and medical concerns.

Facilities Planning Renovations 2019-2021

Hospitals - 51%, Nursing Homes - 18%, Clinics/Medical Offices - 14%, Rehabilitation Facilities - 8%, Psychological/Behavioral Healthcare Facilities - 6%, Urgent Care Facilities - 2%, Research Facilities - 1%, Surgical Centers - 1%, Labs - 1%

What's behind the renovations?

Updating the facility was the biggest reason for renovating a healthcare facility. This isn't surprising as the typical medical facility was built in 1976 and it was last renovated in 2011. Like all of us, technology has changed the healthcare facility as well as the healthcare FMs world. Facilities need to keep up and FMs will be turning to manufacturers and suppliers for help. Any assistance that you can provide them to accomplish a successful renovation with minimal disruption of services will win their favor, and their wallets.

Contact me if you'd like a copy of the healthcare renovation research results. And go to Healthcare Facilities.Com for information and insight that healthcare facility teams are utilizing to manage their buildings.



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