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FM Retargeting in 3 Simple Steps

1/19/2018 BY Tim Rowe

Marketing to FMs is a monthly blog aimed at helping marketing professionals target and run effective campaigns to the hard-to-reach facilities management industry.

Step 1: Start with Segmenting

Not everyone who visits a facilities-related website is interested in the same things. Different people on the facilities team have different needs. For example, the chief engineer at Ohio State University may be interested in the energy-efficiency benefits that hot water boilers and domestic hot water heaters offer in retro-fit upgrades. While the facilities manager at Mercy Medical Center may be researching integrating lighting controls in an existing clinic. You shouldn’t treat both these prospects the same.

A better approach is to segment them, put them into separate buckets based on the topic they are interested in. Most retargeting sources will segment site visitors by URL. So in the example above, all visitors to the pages on the energy-efficiency benefits of hot water boilers and heaters (including the chief engineer at OSU) are put in one bucket. Visitors to the pages on Building automation systems (BAS) and lighting control systems (including the Mercy Medical Center FM) are put into another bucket.

Segmenting the site visitors based on topics enables you to create specific ads based on specific points of interest.

Which leads us to Step 2.

Step 2: Target Different Segments with Different Ads

Once you’ve grouped your visitors into useful segments based on site pages they’ve viewed you should create unique ads tailored to their specific interests. The chief engineer might be swayed a simple fact or stat on the install time of a hot water boiler. So include that info in your ad. The medical FM on the other hand, would be better served with an ad that contains details on the top two benefits of system integration.

Step 3: Test Incentives

If fiscally possible, try running small scale tests to see if retargeting can covert anonymous visitors into buyers. Create and test landing pages that offer a percentage off discount, an introductory offer (i.e. onsite training) extended warranties and other ideas to see if one is more successful at generating sales.

I recommend including a contact info form with all incentive-based landing pages. Capturing contact info allows you to change stateless, anonymous visitors into viable contacts that you can remarket to via email, direct mail and phone.

So, there you have it, 3 steps to running an effective retargeting campaign. It’s time to get started. If you need any help Email, InMail or call me.



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